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Devleaf – Temporary Closure

This message from the director explains our temporary closure for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

by Matthew Milan
Hello Everyone, 

On behalf of Devleaf, I hope everybody is doing well and managing to survive to the ongoing pandemic, both emotionally and physically.

For the time being, I have made the option to close Devleaf Studios until things begin to return to normal. Other than daily activities now taking more time, It’s now more than ever that we must look after those closest to us. And for me, along with currently working from home, it means i just don’t have the time to be managing Devleaf at the moment. 

Upon things returning to somewhat normal, I will be opening Devleaf’s doors more than ever to welcome new customers and users of our apps and services.

For now, should you need URGENT support (this is for if your product/service with us is completely unusable/unaccessible), please use the contact us page on the website, as I currently do not have my work emails to hand.

I understand some clients may be unhappy regarding this change at the moment, and I hope you can understand the above.

I’ll be posting another status update when I’m happy we can provide fantastic services again. But for now; please stay safe and make sure to follow all government advice.

Thank you.
Matthew Milan