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Simple services tailored for your business.

Making Business Easier

It’s quite common to feel overwhelmed when looking into the digital services most companies offer; especially to small business owners not in the know with latest technological trends and practices.

Devleaf Business Services help to alleviate some of the common pitfalls when it comes to moving your business digitally, by providing transparent, simple to understand – and most importantly – cost effective solutions regardless of your company size. Our team will walk you through and be there to support you through key business decisions, and most importantly provide you a clear context of what you are purchasing.

Our simple billing structure means you are never sat worrying about when the next invoice will come, or if any hidden costs will follow. For all services (excluding print media) we set a fixed cost number of hours to complete before commencing the project, and will bill at a 50/50 ratio (50% at the beginning and 50% after the project is completed). We also have a transparent billing policy with a guarantee of no hidden costs.

Services You Can Trust

With numerous successfully launched websites and mobile applications, you can rely on Devleaf Studios to complete your project in a timely and reliable manner. We keep all projects traceable by clients throughout the entire design and development cycle, allowing you to see your project come to life as it is developed.

We use industry standard tools to design and develop any project, using well-known offerings from the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, Google and Atlassian.

We hate all the administrative tasks, and that’s why we make it as simple as possible. Once we’ve accepted your project we’ll get all the paperwork over within just a few days, including a project mapping, terms and conditions and invoice; once all of this is signed off we’ll get working on your business project straight away.

Our Business Services

How are our prices so good?

When browsing our business services you may notice something peculiar; how do we keep our prices so low?

By lowering our number of contactable days, this means we can spend more time completing your projects in short batches, rather than trying to battle multiple clients daily and spending more time in meetings than actually getting your project completed; completing projects in batches for clients allows us to keep our prices reasonable.

We also recognise people want 24/7 support, and unfortunately, due to our small team size and hours available per week, this isn’t something we can offer. As such, if you’re happy lowering the support criteria in return for better pricing, all whilst keeping your project quality super high, this makes Devleaf Studios the perfect choice for your company.

Our unique approach to project management means once the project is completed, we hand everything over to you and point you in the right direction for services which may require more support time than we can offer; our prime example is web hosting. By handing off projects once they are completed to our clients, this means we not only hand over 100% rights to clients once the work is completed (something that other companies in the industry do not), we also allow you as a client to host your work elsewhere in areas that we might not be as fluent in.