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👋 Welcome to Devleaf Studios

Hello from Devleaf Studios. Located near Sheffield, United Kingdom, we are a small studio of passionate developers helping to create the future. Created in 2016, we strive to provide a remarkable set of services and applications for consumer use, crafted with user experience and intuitive, modern design at heart. Our applications are paired with the highest security standards and reliable connections to give you the best time with us as possible.

As a privacy-focused company, we are always reviewing the best practices to keeping your data safe, and away from other companies who might not share the same level of privacy concerns we do.

For business customers, you may be interested to hear about our B2B suite; ranging from web/app design and development, to print media and graphics design.

Meet The Director

Hello, I’m Matt. Lead software developer and Director for Devleaf Studios. A few years ago I decided to open my creativity and ideas to the world by starting Devleaf. Since then I’ve come a long way, releasing numerous mobile applications to the major marketplaces, designing numerous business websites and creating strong brands for young businesses like my own.

At the age of twelve, I decided to begin learning to program, starting off basic with just HTML and CSS, I soon dug deeper learning my first server-side language PHP. A few years later I was hired to create my first mobile application, and looking at web technologies at the time it was a given that javascript was the way forward. Since then I delved deeper making Javascript my most understood language, and now use fantastic frameworks like Angular almost daily.

My passion to create outstanding products lies with the enjoyment of seeing people enjoy the apps and services we create, so please keep enjoying our products and if you have any idea we’d love to hear from you. Visit our social media pages (below) to get in touch!

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Our Mission

From the start, Devleaf was designed on beauty at its core. We want to offer quality solutions to everyday problems you experience, and through easy to use mobile applications, as well as user-first oriented design, we’re confident you’ll find something you love in no time at all. Our team also puts privacy first, promising never to sell any user data, and keep everything as safe as possible. We only use the best in programming standards when it comes to keeping your information safe, which is why we use top-tier security and reliable services like Google Cloud Platform, Firebase and Amazon Web Services to ensure your data is ready to go, but as secure as possible at all times. Want to know what we need from you, visit out Privacy Policy Today.

Our Working Environment

Our team maintain professional and minimalistic working environments to focus when work needs to be done, and relax when work is done. We use Apple Devices, renowned for their superiority when it comes to the media and programming industry. We also use energy efficient HUE LED’s to always make the workspace a productive setting, whether day or night. Finally our natural area allows us to be as creative as possible, which eventually is converted into the beautiful products you see. We also use eco-friendly lighting, set all our devices to eco modes and turn them off when not in use to be as environmentally friendly as possible; it’s not much but every little helps to make our world a better place.

Work For Devleaf

We are always looking for adaptive people to join our remote team, whether you are a creative professional, a top tier coder or an exquisite designer. Be sure to visit our Vacancies Page to learn more about what could be your next step into the future!