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Fresh Still is Released

It’s been in development for almost a year but now Devleaf are happy to announce the future of shopping lists; Fresh Still.

by Matthew Milan

In what feels like an eternity, another year has almost passed and Devleaf has a lot to show for it. This year we’ve focused our efforts on bringing our very first mobile application to the table, and boy are we happy with the results.

What is Fresh Still?

Fresh Still is our take on modernising the shopping list. We looked at the market (and ourselves) and realised that most people were still carrying paper shopping lists around the supermarket, or for those a bit more tech-savvy, writing notes on their phones with a little checklist. Whilst this all works we thought we could do better, and as such Fresh Still was born.

Over the traditional shopping list (and as part of the free version), Fresh Still allows you to conveniently take your shopping lists wherever you carry your mobile phone; and it can’t get torn unlike a paper shopping list making it much more likely it’ll make it to the supermarket intact.

For our eco-friendly audience, Fresh Still also cuts down on paper used to write shopping lists which normally end up in the trash (not recycling).

Fresh still also allows the scanning of barcodes, a feature which you will absolutely love. Start off your shopping list by adding items via their barcodes (and if one person has kindly uploaded that barcode to our server, it will pick up all the information for you in a single scan). Following that when you head out to the supermarket, pick up the item and click the barcode button on your list item view in order to quickly check the item off the list!

We’ve got something premium too!

As a way to fund our mobile app (and help keep the free version ad-free), Fresh Still offers an in-app subscription which offers amazing features. It costs £1.99 per month for Premium, and £2.99 per month for Premium+ (Coming soon), and this is for your whole family!

For those willing to pay, we take your shopping lists to another level. Presenting: Family Lists. You can add your entire family and create family lists; these lists are not like the Free version though; here you can “Subscribe” to the list allowing you to receive notifications every time a member adds a new item (really useful for when you’re in the supermarket) as well as see your lists getting ticked off in real-time.

For the Premium+ users (currently in development), Fresh Still goes AI and get’s even smarter. You’ll be able to connect your lists to the Google Assistant or Siri and add new items by simply asking your assistant. In our testing, the feedback we have received has been extremely positive as people say it helps bring down their list creation times exponentially.

Ready to Download

If this sounds like the app for you, click the button on the right to be taken to the official Fresh Still page where you can read more about the app or download it on the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store