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The Future of Shopping Lists

Welcome to Fresh Still

Our take on the traditional old shopping list remains somewhat central, with the app being incredibly intuitive and familiar from the get-go. We have spent months providing views which are compact yet feature-packed and we think you’re going to love it too! See below for more information on what powerful features Fresh Still can offer over your traditional pen-and-paper shopping list!

Lists like never before

With Fresh Still, your shopping lists travel everywhere with you, across all devices. See when your shopping list is due, who created it, the list name and the first five items added as well as quick actions to add more items via barcode or manually.

How shopping lists should be

A minimalistic view containing just the right amount of information makes Fresh Still convenient, yet exceptionally easy to use. Simply hold down on any item to view more information or scan an item in the supermarket with the barcode button to check it off your list. It couldn’t be any more simple.

Add the Whole Family

With Fresh Still Premium, you can add your whole family. Allowing awesome features such as live syncing lists, family faces, list subscriptions and much much more! Our premium plan is only £1.99 (or equivalent) per month so costs less than a cup of coffee.

Who said it needed to be difficult?

To make your shopping life even easier, you can scan barcodes when adding items so you can add them easily next time; or you can add them whilst out shopping by simply holding down on an item and clicking ‘add barcode’. What’s more, items you’ve already added the barcode to you can scan in-store to check off your list instantly, awesome!

1 App. ∞ Devices.

Fresh Still is available on all your devices, from your brothers iPad to your mum’s Samsung Galaxy. Both iOS and Android downloads are available for your tablet, phone and even your TV.